shock collar myths

The Side Effects of Shock Collars: Facts and Fiction

A lot of dog owners are, understandably, cautious about e-collars and their less-favorable cousins, shock collars. There is a lot of nuance to using e-collars well. There’s also a lot of rumors about e-collar training, mostly by trainers that have never touched one or assume that all electronic collars (and

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do veterinarians recommend e-collar

Do Vets Recommend Shock Collars?

As a professional dog trainer who implements e-collar training into many of my programs, I’ve had to dispel a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding these tools to dog owners. This is understandable and something I am happy to do, as I want all my clients to feel confident that

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do dog collars cause collapsed trachea

Do Dog Collars Cause Collapsed Trachea?

Out in the wilds that are the internet, there’s a buzzing concern around trachea when it comes to dog training. Online breed profiles will warn of the risk of collapsed trachea in specific breeds, amateur dog trainers will rant for hours about it, and strangers will warn how it’s dangerous

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