Meet the last dog trainer you’ll ever need.

At Lugaru K9 Training, we are committed to providing real results and ongoing support to our clients during and after training is done. We handle everything from intense aggression to puppy classes, and believe that providing reliable behavior gives both dogs and their owners a chance to live their best lives. We pride ourselves in our dedication to clear communication and scientific, evidence-based real-world training methodology. No tricks, no runaround, just measurable results.

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Kimee | Head Trainer and Owner

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Kimee, head trainer and owner at Lugaru K9 Training.

Kimee’s journey as a dog trainer began in the same place she finds most of her clients: overwhelmed with an out-of-control dog. After adopting Grimm and quickly feeling beaten down by his aggressive and unruly behaviors, she hit rock bottom and decided to take charge. Determined to fix her dog’s behavior to save his life, Kimee went through all the fluffy and trendy training methods until finally finding balanced training and at last getting real results.

Kimee has worked with dogs since high school, starting as a foster volunteer at her local animal shelter. She attended of CATCH Canine Trainers Academy where she learned the science behind behavior modification, and has completed various supplemental forms of education from dog behavior internships to courses to seminars. She has been a rescue partner, a shelter volunteer, and a foster for rescue dogs. She has worked as a pet care professional since 2017, swiftly moving from a dog walker and sitter into dog training and behavior modification. She has two personal pet dogs, Grimm and Wicca, who once had their own behavioral problems, but now help her in solving those problems for others.

dog training western washington
Grimm: Italian Greyhound-Chihuahua-Boston Terrier-Pomeranian. Reformed bad dog and all-around good boy.

Wicca: Throwback Pomeranian. Too-cute-for-her-own-good, tiny bitework prospect.

Khayl | Dog Handler and Trainer

Khayl and Grampa

Khayl has been a pet care professional for several years, providing dog walking, sitting, boarding, and more since 2017. Additionally, she has worked as both a dog trainer and handler for big-box pet stores as well as independent daycares in her home state of Georgia. Khayl has a wide array of experience with dogs, from being a pet food nutritionist to working in grooming salons to sharing her knowledge with customers as a sales associate in pet supply stores. Most recently, Khayl shares that cumulative knowledge directly with dog owners as a trainer with Lugaru K9 Training, providing structured field trips, obedience training, trick training, and puppy classes.