Virtual Training

Meet your dog training goals, no matter where you live. Our online virtual dog training classes take the best parts of our private lessons and moves them all online so you can tackle your dog training concerns at your own pace from anywhere in the world.


puppy training western washington state

Buying a single lesson is great to get a few questions answered, or for our “graduate” clients who want a little more attention in the form of a virtual follow-up.

obedience training western washington state

Packages of four or more lessons are great for reaching moderate training goals with your trainer supporting you all online and on your schedule. Great for obedience training!

behvaior modification dog training western washington state

Packages of eight or more lessons are a great way to expand your dog’s obedience, reliability, knowledge, or tackle modifying unwanted behaviors from home.

aggression dog training western washington state

Packages of twelve lessons or more help dive deep into dog behavior to tackle more severe or stubborn behavioral concerns over a longer training period.

Virtual lessons and online dog training bring the one-on-one support of our private lessons and packages it all up in our most convenient program yet. Get support tailored to your individual needs, and receive actionable advice on how to address your own dog training and behavior goals from the comfort of your own home.

Your trainer will coach you through different techniques, methods, and approaches that will best suit your dog, guide you on how to get the most out of your training tools, and provide cues on how to make training more effective with your specific goals in mind.

Because our online dog training lessons are conducted from the comfort and safety of your home, we are able to charge one low, flat price for these sessions, with even steeper discounts for purchasing packages of multiple lessons.

IMPORTANT: Some training and behavioral concerns are best left to professionals, and we may refuse virtual lessons for some situations that need a more hands-on approach. Online dog training lessons do not include the cost of any tools that we may recommend for your dog.