balanced dog training western washington

What tools do you use?

At Lugaru K9 Training, we use many tools to get the best results for you and your dog. The number one tool we use is food; rewards in the form of food make up the vast majority of our training. We also use corrective tools, most commonly prong collars and remote collars. We apply both punishers and reinforcers to build confidence and communicate with the most clarity to achieve the absolute best outcome for both dog and dog owner.

What kind of experience do you have?

Our trainers have been working with dogs for several years. We’ve been trainers, groomers, boarders, walkers, sitters, shelter volunteers, and more. We’ve had formal education, been canine behavior interns, and gotten our degrees from the school of hard knocks. For more information on each of our trainers and their specific experience and qualifications, we recommend taking a look at our about page, where you can see more details about each of Lugaru K9 Training’s dog trainers.

What do I need to begin training with you?

Clients will need to provide a remote collar, appropriately-sized prong collar, and properly-sized crate for each dog going into training. However, you may choose to include the cost of a remote collar and a prong collar to your training invoice, and we will take care of providing and properly sizing the tools.

How do I get started training with you?

If you have a dog you’d like to get set up with training, we recommend filling out our contact form, which can be found under our main navigation under “contact and booking.” One of our trainers will get back to you and help you set up a free consultation over Zoom.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Yes. We specialize in behavior modification, including aggression rehabilitation.

How will I be involved in my dog’s training?

This varies depending on the package that is best for you and your dog. One-on-one lessons will focus on teaching you a skillset that empowers you to train your own dog on the day-to-day. Board-and-train and day-train packages are more hands-off for the owner, with a trainer doing most of the heavy lifting in teaching new skills and changing behaviors. However, it is important to understand that all dog training comes with homework. In every case, the dog will need to go home to an environment set up to maintain the skills and behaviors it learns during training.

What kind of support do you provide owners during/after training?

Lugaru K9 Training is committed to ongoing support for our clients. We are constantly adding to our collection of free content in the form of written articles, YouTube videos, and more to help owners learn the skills they need to take charge of their own experience. We also give all clients access to their own client portal, a private facebook group, and option to receive exclusive material straight to their inbox through our Lugaru K9 Club.

I need dog training but I don’t live in Western Washington. Can you still help me?

Even if you do not live in Western Washington, feel free to get in touch anyway. We do offer additional pickup and dropoff services for our board-and-train programs, and can even provide Zoom sessions to help coach clients who are just too geographically far away for traditional training programs.

Do you offer discounts?

At this time we are not offering discounts. However, you can get a rebate for testimonials, which you can learn more about here.

Additionally, we do sometimes do discounted or even pro bono work for animal shelters and rescues. If you think this applies to you, please feel free to reach out.