Board and Train

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The package for peace of mind. In our most immersive, convenient, and effective program, your dog is boarded at the trainer’s home for three or more weeks. During this time, your dog receives constant personalized training and structure while learning obedience, manners, and building new desirable behaviors.


Our puppy basics program is ideal for young dogs who need structured socialization, manners, and basic obedience.

Our obedience training program teaches your dog all the basic commands, manners, and builds reliability in those skills.

Our behavior modification targets unwanted behaviors and replaces them with new ones to create your ideal dog.

Our severe behavior/ aggression rehab is an intensive program where extreme behavior issues are treated, and underlying causes addressed.

Our board-and-train programs are completely customizable to your specific needs and goals as a dog owner. Want to work into off-leash recall and be able to take your dog on the road at a moment’s notice? Want to be able to take your dog to all of the wonderful pet-friendly brewpubs the Pacific Northwest has to offer? Or maybe you just want peace of mind, to get relief from some unwanted behaviors causing you undue stress. Whatever your needs, Lugaru K9 Training’s board-and-train program can be tailored to whatever goals you want to achieve for you and your dog.

This is our most hands-off option for dog owners, allowing you to breathe easy while a trainer sees to your dog’s training and behavioral needs 24/7 to get the absolute best results. At the end of your program, you’ll receive a free go-home lesson, and lifetime access to our client portal, online resources, and facebook group support.

All packages come with a free 30-minute zoom consultation and at least one 1-hour go-home lesson. Clients get regular updates on their dog’s progress during training through our client portal, and ongoing support after sending the dog home.

IMPORTANT: Board-and-train prices vary based on the general needs of the dog, ranging from obedience to more intense behavior modification like aggression. Please note that dogs going into any of these programs MUST be crate trained prior to participating. Many dogs will be trained on a remote collar, which can be purchased through Lugaru K9 Training as an add-on to your package but is not inherently included in any training package. Lastly, please understand that for all programs, owners will need to provide or arrange for a remote collar and/or prong collar (as deemed necessary by the assigned trainer), crate, and an appropriate supply of food for the dog.

2-Week Puppy Board-and-Train | $2,000

This program is available for dogs between 3 and 6 months at the time of program participation, who have received their last round of shots and are looking to get the right start for socialization, structure, manners, and obedience basics. This program is available to most dogs under one year that do not have any significant behavioral problems, and want a well-rounded first step in their development. In this package, your puppy will get to work on:

  • Basic obedience:
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Come
    • Place
    • Heel
  • Reduction of unwanted behaviors, like:
    • jumping
    • play biting/mouthing
    • poor leash manners
  • Introduction to tools for long-term success
    • food rewards
    • clicker training (if requested by owner)
    • leash pressure basics
  • Structured socialization through guided exposure to:
    • people and animals
    • surfaces
    • noises
    • touching and grooming
  • Leash, car, door, etc manners

Our puppy package is $2000 for the first two weeks, with additional weeks at $700/each. However, it is unlikely in this program to ever need more than the basic three weeks for the purpose of training. All owners will be required to provide or arrange for a herm-sprenger prong collar and crate, and some may also need to provide a remote collar, depending on the specific case.

3-Week Obedience | $2800

This program is for adult dogs with little to no significant behavior problems, whose primary goal is to develop better obedience skills and reliability in compliance and execution. We teach all the must-haves for a calm and obedient dog and can accommodate some behavior modification of mild unwanted behaviors. Dogs enrolled in our obedience board-and-train program will learn core obedience with reliability, which includes:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Place
  • Out/Back off

In addition to core obedience, in this program we offer the option to incorporate additional helpful commands such as “up” (onto a surface) and “off” (four on the floor), etc, as well as just-for-fun trick training tailored to the owner’s goals.

Dogs with minor behavioral problems such as occasional barking, jumping, or mouthiness are usually permitted into the obedience program, with understanding that we will also diminish those behaviors as they come up while participating in the program. Dogs with severe or more consistent behavior issues will be referred to one of our behavior modification programs.

Our obedience package is $2,800 for the first three weeks, with additional weeks at $1000/each. All owners will be required to provide or otherwise arrange for a herm-sprenger prong collar, e-collar technologies remote collar, and crate.

3-Week Behavior Modification | $3200

Our behavior modification program tackles all of your dog’s mild to moderate unwanted behaviors and builds them up into the best dog they can be. This program is ideal for adult dogs with significant but not severe behavior problems, which often includes but is not limited to:

  • Excessive barking
  • Counter surfing
  • Jumping on humans
  • Poor leash manners
  • Mild reactivity
  • Mild anxiety or fear
  • Noncompliance of known commands
  • Non-aggressive nipping and mouthing
  • Chasing
  • Playing keep-away

Additionally, you can expect your dog to learn (if new) or perfect (if already known) core obedience commands including:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Place
  • Out/Back off

Dogs with mild to moderate behavior concerns are usually permitted into our behavior modification program, but depending on severity, cases may be referred to our severe behavior and aggression rehabilitation program. Clients will be required to provide or otherwise arrange for a e-collar technologies remote collar, a herm-sprenger prong collar, and a crate for their dog.

Our behavior modification package is $3,200 for the first three weeks. Additional weeks are $1,000.

4-Week Severe Behavior/Aggression Rehabilitation | $3900

The real deal. Our severe behavior board-and-train is specifically made for dogs that are exhibiting intense dog or human aggression, reactivity, biting, and other behaviors deemed dangerous to the dog and those around it. We pride ourselves in stopping behaviors, period.

In our severe behavior program, we put and end to aggressive and destructive behaviors and address the underlying causes. Our methods are built to ensure not only that the behaviors not come back with appropriate maintenance, but that we also leave the dog happier and more secure than when we found it. Time and time again we have put a stop to previously uncontrollable reactivity and aggression towards humans, leaving clients with peace of mind and a top-tier maintenance gameplan.

The severe behavior program may also be a good fit for dogs with more intense fear and anxiety and other destructive behaviors. In addition to tackling unwanted behaviors, dogs in this program will also work on core obedience detailed in other packages, and fine-tune other less severe behavioral concerns.

This program begins at $3,900 for the first four weeks. Additional weeks are sometimes necessary depending on the behavior and severity. After the first four weeks, additional weeks are $1,000. Owner will be responsible for providing or otherwise arranging for a herm-sprenger prong collar, e-collar technologies remote collar, and a crate for their dog prior to participation in the program.